What do I need to know about early treatment?

General Considerations

  1. First Phase of early orthodontic treatment frequently begins when children are 7-10 years of age. At that time, only the front teeth and back molars are adult teeth.
  2. Excellent patient cooperation at this age makes substantial treatment changes possible in short periods of time.
  3. First Phase treatment results are usually obtained within 12 months.
  4. During this treatment time, it is customary to use a limited number of braces on the front teeth and back permanent molars.
  5. The Second Phase of treatment is usually necessary when all the permanent teeth have erupted
  6. The time between First Phase treatment and Second Phase treatment can very from patient to patient. During this time, retainers are worn and the patient is checked regularly.

Adult Orthodontics

Never Too Old To Be Your Best

It’s not unusual for us to treat an entire family, children and parents, sometimes one after the other and sometimes simultaneously. Orthodontic treatment is a change for the better, regardless of your age. The biological process involved in tooth movement is the same in both adults and children. Invisalign aligners or braces will have minimal effect on your lifestyle. You can do anything – sing, play musical instruments, dine out, kiss, and have your picture taken.

There are a few inconveniences, but you will adjust quickly. Certain treats, such as caramels and peanut brittle, will be off limits if you wear braces. Also, your mouth and teeth may be a little tender after wire adjustments or aligner changes.

Swiatek Orthodontics is also sensitive to adults’ busy schedules. We have some early morning hours and can accommodate our patients during their lunch breaks, so that little time at work is missed.