Wearing your retainers, be it Invisalign retainers or any other normal ones, faithfully as the doctor has instructed, will help maintain your beautiful, healthy smile. Dr. Swiatek recommends wearing your retainers at least 12 hours per day (sleeping time counts!) for the first three to four months after treatment, then every night while sleeping, indefinitely!  No matter how excellent your orthodontic result, your teeth can shift after treatment.  Excellent retainer-wear will minimize any shifting of your teeth.

Whenever you remove the retainer from your mouth, always put it in your retainer case! To prevent loss or damage, never wrap your retainer in a napkin or paper towel, or put it in a gym bag, back pack, purse, pocket, etc. without the case.  And never let a dog get your retainers; it will chew them up!  Also, do not wear your retainers while eating or cleaning your teeth.

Clean your Invisalign retainers every day! Brush it with warm, NOT hot, water using a toothbrush (best for clear or Invisalign retainers) or a denture brush which can be purchased at a Dollar Store (best for Hawley retainers made of hard acrylic and wires).

Bonded Retainer

All teeth move throughout life as a component of aging, especially the lower front teeth. Therefore, retention is absolutely necessary for every patient.  Dr. Swiatek recommends removable Invisalign retainers for most patients and bonded retainers in specific situations. Your bonded retainer will support the alignment of your lower front teeth, which is a key element in maintaining your beautiful, healthy smile.

To prevent dislodging your bonded retainer, be careful when biting into hard foods (like a carrot) with your front teeth. Thoroughly brush and floss around your bonded retainer as instructed. At least once each week, check your bonded retainer to insure that it is securely attached. If your bonded retainer feels loose or becomes dislodged, call our office immediately, to set up an appointment to re-bond your retainer.

Remember, now that your braces have been removed, brush and floss your teeth, carefully maintain your bonded retainer and enjoy your beautiful, healthy smile!

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Upper & Lower Expander

Expanders are used to widen your upper dental arch, lower arch, or both. This will resolve crossbites of back teeth and will help provide adequate space for the eruption of your adult teeth. For an expander to work properly, it must be activated specifically according to Dr. Swiatek’s instructions.

The activation instructions will be provided on the day that the expander is placed. Insert the key into the keyhole, then gently and steadily push the key from the front to the back of the mouth until you see the next keyhole appear. As you remove the key, do not reverse this movement (do not pull the key towards the front of the mouth). Simply slide the key straight out of the keyhole.

You may feel some pressure on your teeth immediately after the expander is activated, and possibly a tingling sensation in your cheek bones and the bridge of your nose. This feeling usually goes away in two to five minutes.